PSEK-Fitnesse-Fixtures  2.3.x (JDK11)


Generic functions

  • The OperationsFixture contains commands that are available in every testcase.
    These includes methods to
    • Compare values
    • encode to and decode from Base64
    • do simple calculations
    • generate a timestamp
    • log teststeps or output
    • do even more!
  • The PropertiesFixture contains commands for the easy loading of java properties into SlimSymbols. If the property values are encrypted they will be decrypted using the EncryptionUtil

Generating testdata

There are multiple fixtures to generate testdata

  • The Variables Fixture can generate random values, UUID's and more. Because the Variables Fixture includes the Date Fixture all of the date commands are directly accessible through it.
  • The DateFixture contains multiple commands to generate a date in different formats with different offsets.
  • The LookupFixture allows for basic lookup functionality, i.e. setting the value of one SlimSymbol based on the value of another.
  • The BsnGenerator can generate and verify (11-proef) a Dutch Burgerservicenummer.
  • The IbanGenerator generates random bank account numbers and random international bank account numbers.
  • The StringFixture allows for manipulation of strings, concatenation, substring, replacements.

Sending requests

  • The SOAPWebserviceFixture uses Apache HttpClient and a SAX-parser to make SOAP calls.
  • The SimpleSoapFixture uses javax.xml.soap without a SAX-parser to make SOAP calls. This enables the sending of invalid messages from testcases.
  • The RestFixture uses RestAssured to make api calls.
  • The BuildJsonStringFixture can be used to generate a JSON message, thuis uses Stting concatenation and validates the result by generating a org.json.JSONObject object. If possible use your own POJO to generate a JSON string for use in the RestFixture

Checking output

  • The XmlNavigateFixture can be used to perform checks on and extract data from XML strings
  • The JsonNavigateFixture can be used to perform checks on and extract data from Json strings or files. Jayway JsonPath is used to navigate the json object.
  • The TextReaderFixture can read the last n-lines from a textfile. And perform checks on the returned lines. This can be used to perform checks in a logfile.
  • The PdfTextReaderFixture can be used to read the text from a PDF file. And to perform checks on the text.

Working with webpages

Working with files

  • The FileUtils provide methods for reading from and writing to files. As well as local or SMB file manipulation.