PSEK-Fitnesse-Fixtures  2.3.x (JDK11)

Fixtures for use in a java based testproject.

The code is tailored for FitNesse, but almost all methods can be used by any testproject.

from version 1.2.1 Browserstack support is added To use this now read these instructions or check out the reference site when the new version is released to Maven Central.

Using browserstack is as simple as defining the correct selenium hub (with your credentials) and setting the desired capabilities!

More information on the specific fixtures can be found in the Manual.

The modules provide functionality for:

api module
REST API and SOAP webservice tests
database module
Databases and SQL
selenium module
Selenium Webdriver
general module
Generating testdata, using json and xml, working with files, pdf documents ... and more
ldap module
Basic LDAP functionality that you can extend in your own classes
util module
classes used by the other modules
runner module
classes specific for FitNesse